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John Choi aka the Korean Inferno aka SandstormGlowstixxCondoms vs Hsien Chang aka taiwanese jordan aka gods gift to street fighter face off on an internet match that means… absolutely nothing.

John’s playing JURI, Hsien is playing Dudley.

Interesting Fact: Today was the first day Hsien has ever played SSFIV — apparently he just got back into the states after spending weeks in Taiwan eating stinky tofu. Gross.


John Does SSFIV, Part II

Here are a couple more videos from Keystone II on Tuesday night. Enjoy!

John Choi Does SSFIV

Yesterday, I was privileged enough to attend the legendary Keystone II arcade in sunny San Jose, home of champions in both Street Fighter and shot drinking. They had a couple setups of Super Street Fighter IV running, and I got a few clips of John playing. Enjoy!

On the way to Keystone II…

I swear, John hates me, but whatever, I’m the greatest roommate he’s ever had ever.

Round 1, John Choi [RYU] vs Hiro [Deejay]

Round 2, John Choi [RYU] Vs. Darry [CODY]