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I’ve Struck Gold!

So, John’s been out of the house all weekend, and while digging through his shit to try and expose his love for Sanstorm even further, I stumbled across two stacks of photos still in their sleeves. These photos are almost as old as Miley Cyrus, and each one of them has a really great story to go with them. After living with John for a few years, I’ve learned so much about the older Street Fighter years that seemed to have been forgotten.

For example, this photo from ’97 is from the famous Chicago trip where Alex Valle coined his name which he uses to this day — “CaliPower”, where the beef between norcal and socal seemed to have subsided (I believe John and Alex actually teamed up and gave each other strategies to win), where I BELIEVE they all stayed at an apartment that had a showerhead that operated like a giant metal donkey dick that shot a powerful stream of hot water on your face, and more.

Over the next few weeks/months, I’ll be scanning and uploading these for your enjoyment — until John get’s extremely pissed at me.

I heard he’s looking for a new roommate anyway, so I better hustle!!!