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What Elite Top Players Secretly Talk About

This is a real conversation between two of the most elite Street Fighter players out of America — John Choi and Ricky Ortiz.

[11:11] Choi: when u gonna get a license foo
[11:11] Choi: do u wanna buy my old camry
[11:11] Choi: i’ll sell to u for cheap
[11:11] Choi: bluebook is like 2500
[11:11] Choi: if u buy i give for 1500
[11:11] Choi: u can finally drive!
[11:12] Choi: car is old but maybe perfect for u
[11:13] Ricky: Excuse me… 1500 is like a nice leather jacket
[11:13] Ricky: Haha
[11:14] Ricky: I could prolly already afford a car I just gotta get my license
[11:14] Choi: go get that shit!
[11:14] Choi: lol leather jacket
[11:15] Ricky: What would be a Ricky car? And don’t say a bug! Then shits are ugly.
[11:15] Choi: well
[11:15] Ricky: People always say mini Cooper
[11:15] Choi: u need a bitch car
[11:15] Choi: like
[11:15] Choi: a del sol
[11:15] Choi: bug
[11:15] Choi: a mini is nice too
[11:15] Choi: um
[11:15] Choi: jetta
[11:15] Choi: those are all nice girl cars
[11:16] Ricky: I really wanted a sti
[11:16] Ricky: Those are sick
[11:17] Choi: wtf
[11:17] Choi: ok speed racer
[11:17] Choi: ahaha
[11:17] Choi: dude
[11:17] Choi: ur first car
[11:17] Choi: gotta be a piece of shit
[11:17] Choi: then u upgrade later
[11:20] Ricky: You know how I do!
[11:20] Ricky: I can’t have a beater at first
[11:20] RickyH: Ima feel so ghetto
[11:20] Ricky: Haha
[11:26] Choi: princess ricky

I know what Ricky should do. He should buy a car… so he can drive to buy EVEN MOAR leather jackets. Fucking ELITE strats right there.

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