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John Plays Street Fighter?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that’s what this site was about.

Anyway, Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez and Kineda came over for some gh3ymz and some bullshitting. Here’s a couple of their matches against John’s Sagat.

Food Review: Korean Inferno Lasagna

Last night, John Choi made dinner! What? You didn’t know this guy had the same level of appreciation for the culinary arts as he does for footsies? It’s true — John loves food, and every once in a while, he loves to cook it, too. And this is how we have our first ever Living With John Choi Food Review.

So, John actually didn’t cook this for me (he never cooks for us anymore…. :() — he actually cooked this for one of his lady friends that came over for dinner the night before.  After a night of hard drinking, my girlfriend and I attacked the refrigerator like wild dogs and told him to shove it. Here are our thoughts:

Korean Inferno Lasagna:

Taste: 4 Hadoukens out of 5

Roommate: “Despite how it looks, the lasagna was actually really well balanced with the level of sauce, seasoning, and cheese. I never got a sense of overseasoning for one second. He gets dinged one fireball because it could have used a little bit more heat, perhaps in the form of black pepper or cayenne, or maybe crushed red pepper, because, after all, it IS supposed to be the Korean INFERNO Lasagna. I’m going to bitch at him for false advertising. Oh yeah, definitely needs more SANDSTORM.”

Girlfriend: “I found the introduction of fish sauce quite unusual and intriguing (he utilized soy sauce, pepper, salt, and fish sauce to marinate and stir fry the meat.) At first, I was quite taken aback, but after the first bite, I was a believer. The richness of the fish sauce was harmonious with the delicious ground meat. The mushrooms also provided a nice contrast in textures. All in all a fabulous meal.”

Plating Design: 1/2 of a Hadouken out of 5

Roommate: “Are you serious? Just look at the plate. This looks like a level in Splatterhouse. I bet those stupid fucking dogs in Lady and the Tramp got a better, more organized, well planned plating design on their stupid pasta. (That movie was great, though.) I know that this is a leftover plate, but seriously, just looking at makes me think about a tomato diarrheaing all over itself. Still tastes good though.”

Girlfriend: “A monstrosity.”

Originality: 4.5 Hadoukens out of 5

Roommate: “As mentioned above, the fact that he used fish sauce and a variety of asian sauces and spices to spice the meat was interesting, original, yet delicious to eat. I’ll just credit that to him being a big fob azn ricer 2 fast 2 furious boi. Also, I think they did a number with that ricotta cheese inside — mixed with fresh spinach and shit. Way to go for the mixups, John.”

Girlfriend: “I wish there was more to eat.”

Overall: 4 Hadoukens out of 5

All in all, great meal provided by John. Kudos to you. And sorry that we ate your leftovers. We were over-hung, over-sexed (HAH Gross JK) and under-fed at 8am.

EDIT: Oh yeah, one thing I was pretty upset about was the fact that this meal had no wine pairing. John told me to quit bitching and gave us a bottle of coffee patron to drink straight out of the bottle as a pairing. I guess that’s how he tricks girls into liking him. “It’s sorta like a wine pairing. Just shut the hell up and drink it.” Then that’s when he busts out the condoms and glowstixx.

Anyway, after we ate, John and I played Marvel. I lost 5-4 and was forced to massage his right shoulder in gay brotherhood. Immediately after, I went into my room and cried myself to sleep.

The end.

Triple date with john choi


Wonder what hanging with john choi is like? Look at this picture while playing sandstorm on your winamp player.


John Does SSFIV, Part II

Here are a couple more videos from Keystone II on Tuesday night. Enjoy!

Super Nor Cal Regionals Registration Is Live!!!

You heard it here… umm… second! The Super Nor Cal Regionals website is live complete with registration info, schedule, and a bunch of pictures of people in a “Nor Cal Regional Celebrities” that don’t live in Nor Cal. There’s going to be prizes tons of prizes, including cold hard cash — accepted at all major whorehouses, Kineda world warrior t-shirts (awesome), and Tournament Edition Fight Sticks courtesy of MarkMan and Mad Catz. Also, expect to see many of the United States’ best Street Fighters duke it out in what will be the biggest Super Street Fighter Tournament ever (until Evo happens.)

AND! The HELLAMINDGAMES Inc. team will be representing in full force — It’s going to be bananas.

Shoutouts to Mad Catz for the stixxx, Kineda for the web design and shirts, iPlayWinner for streaming, Namco for Tekken and Ms. Motherfucking Pac Man, Capcom for badass games, Shoryuken for, uh, Mr. Wizard, KS2 Productions for all the hardware and logistical support, and of course, John “Sandstorm” Choi, for all the motherfucking Sandstorm you can handle. I’m going to follow that fool around with Glowstixxx the entire tournament. (And my video cam, of course.)

So what are you waiting for? Get your Super Nor Cal Regionals on NOW!

Super Nor Cal Regionals Homepage
Super Nor Cal Regionals Schedule

Give baby Sagat your money.


John Choi + Sandstorm, A True Love Story

Now, I’m no acclaimed movie director, but I do find my first piece in my documentary series on John Choi a true hit. All jokes aside, this dude seriously loves Sandstorm (it’s his Evo entry music), women (as exhibited by his collection of durex extra sensitive condoms), and glowsticks. I fucking told you so!

And wait til you see his booze collection. That’s how he gets ’em.

P.S. – Work From Home days are the shit. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if John installs some locks on his doors tonight.

BONUS ROUND: John Choi + Sandstorm caught fooling around.


While surfing the Internets in between multi-hour beat-off sessions, I happened to stumble upon this thread on Alex “Calipower” Valle’s Facebook earlier today, and I was particularly intrigued by commenter “Dale Kim.” He said, and I quote,

If John Choi was the protagonist of this story there would have been alcohol and women involved before it’s conclusion.

Go Korea!
Dae han min gook!
-Dale Kim

Unfortunately, this is not entirely factually correct. While Dale’s comments are true for the most part, I believe there needs to be more glowsticks, black slacks, and Sandstorm mp3s in this story to make it true.

Seriously, the guy wakes up to Sandstorm every morning.


Link – Alex Valle’s Facebook

Google Image Search Is Funny

Today, in search of some relevant content for you guys to read, I decided to use our trusty friend Google Image Search to see what kind of crap turns up when the relatively generic term “John Choi” is used as the search query. (Safe Search is off, of course. That shit is for pansies.)

848,000 results! Let’s see…

Here’s John Choi playing against longtime rival and friend Ricky Ortiz. Standard procedure. (Ricky looks cute in baby blue. Yeah, I said it.)

Here’s a picture of John finally winning something at Evo. (Will it ever happen again?)

Okay, I have no idea how this image is related to “John Choi”, but I’m guessing the relation is that when hot girls show up next to John’s car, he leaves them outside while he drives up to SF to go to gay bars. I shit you not.

I don’t know wtf this phallic looking thing is about, but apparently there’s a famous “glassblower” named John Choi that can presumably blow your glass… The one I live with specializes more in “assblowing”, I think.
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