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Who Is This Man?

Check out this funny story John sent me earlier today:

Choi (1:54:37 PM): QUOTED: I was watching SNCR with my 8 year old nephew (ryu player) and had to leave the room during one of your matches. Before I left I told him how you were the OG top player along with alex back in the day. He was impressed etc.

So I leave the room and return just as your match ends. This was our conversation.

Me: Who won?

8 year old: The Ryu Player

Me: John Choi?

8 year old: Yes. Hey want to know what john choi’s middle name is?

Me: Why, did they say it on the stream? Ok what’s his middle name?

8 year old : John Fucking Choi.

That’s right — it’s Mr. John Fucking Choi to you.