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John Choi Likes To Fake It

John Choi is a master of mind games. Whether it’s him getting in your head at a high-level game of Champion Edition footsies or him somehow convincing you that you desperately need a vasectomy while he tags your girlfriend in the bathroom of TGI Sushi, there’s no doubt that he has some sort of powerful jedi mind tricks up his sleeve.

Except for when it comes to drinking.

Koreans are known to hold their liquor, but even for some of the stronger drinkers like myself, we gotta throw in the towel when we’ve gone past our limit. However, if you’ve ever had drinks with John, you’ll realize that he HAS no limit.


I shit you not (and I have multiple reliable sources on this story), John will have a few drinks with you, but if he doesn’t feel like drinking a shot, he won’t give it back — he”ll  actually dump it on the cold hard concrete while you’re not looking. Sneaky bastard.

You see, there have been multiple confirmed reports that John Choi likes to dupe people into believing that he’s drinking as much as they are. Unfortunately, no one remembers shit because they’re wasted as fuck and John manages to scamper off with his liver in tact. But one fateful day at Keystone II aka Albert’s Arcade, he got busted.

In the past, this specific type mind game tactic has worked particularly well for John, especially for girls. I’ve seen him order 2 shots of Patron and 2 shots of water for a party of 4. Guess who got the water. And guess who wakes up naked with their panties off in John’s bed. (Hint: It’s not me. Okay sometimes it is… but not always.)

Lesson of the day: If you buy John a shot, confirm that it’s alcohol, make sure to watch him down it, or else expect to be hoodwinked.

EDIT: Testimonies

@MrWizard too bad its true!

@sosage I always wondered how shots seemed to dissappear from John’s hand quicker than everyone else’s
@sosage I thought he was just a quick drinker

[15:24] Mike: lol
[15:24] Mike: the old water shot trick
[15:24] Mike: saved my ass many times