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John Is A Humanitarian

Today, in #Capcom on IRC, John found out about another very interesting woman that could be a part of his life. She’s young, latin, and she is a humanitarian that fights for justice — everything that John wants in a sophisticated woman. And what is the most humanitarian thing a woman can do on earth? According to these logs, having sex with John ranks up somewhere in between moving to Africa to help solve the AIDS crisis and helping fighting for Tibetian monks’ rights.

Here’s the conversation that transpired earlier today.

From IRC Chatroom #Capcom (Paraphrased)

[12:46] <CicadaWrk> It’s another reminder to watch yourself when you are traveling abroad where you don’t know the laws. A New Yorker named Carlos Simon-Timmerman was traveling in Venezuela and bought a porno flick called “Little Lupe the Innocent” Don’t Be Fooled By Her Baby Face – starring porn star Lupe Fuentes. Fine. But when he got to customs in Puerto Rico, he was detained for transporting images of a minor. He faced a whopping 20 years in jail. After spending two months
[12:46] <CicadaWrk> http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/4/l_535d3ff3801f40c68c7d2ad12ce1ec53.jpg
[12:48] <CicadaWrk> Lupe is not only the world’s youngest looking porn star, but a humanitarian who cares about justice.
[12:48] <CicadaWrk> LOLOLOLL
[12:48] <kryonik> looks like a barbie doll face
[12:48] <Warren> lol
[12:48] <Warren> little lupe
[12:48] <Skerj> why does her face look shopped on?
[12:48] <CaliWork> little lupe the innocent
[12:48] <ChoiBoy> humanitarian
[12:48] <ChoiBoy> and she wants world peace
[12:48] <CicadaWrk> lolol
[12:49] <CicadaWrk> A HUMANITARIAN
[12:49] <kryonik> shes like
[12:49] <kryonik> a porno batman
[12:49] <CicadaWrk> little lupe <3
[12:49] <ChoiBoy> so she’ll just give it up
[12:49] <CicadaWrk> A PORNO BATMAN
[12:49] * CaliWork can hear choi fapping
[12:49] <ChoiBoy> yo yo lupe how about hooking a brother up
[12:49] <Skerj> hahahahaha
[12:49] <ChoiBoy> be a humanitarian
[12:49] <kryonik> soy sauce sluts?
[12:49] <ChoiBoy> thats valles
[12:50] <CaliWork> you know whats funny
[12:50] <CicadaWrk> i hope she fucked him good for those 2 months he spent pent up
[12:50] <ChoiBoy> i like humanitarian sluts
[12:50] <CaliWork> is choi likes dem latinas
[12:50] <CaliWork> and i like them chinas
[12:50] <ChoiBoy> lolol
[12:50] <ChoiBoy> u like soy sauce
[12:50] <ChoiBoy> i like hot sauce <– edit: WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, JOHN???
[12:50] <DanielRGT> hahaha
[12:50] <CaliWork> u like the tapatias
[12:50] <CaliWork> so shut it
[12:50] <ChoiBoy> nah. i like humanitarians
[12:50] <kryonik> taco stand temptresses?
[12:50] <CicadaWrk> [12:50] <ChoiBoy> lolol
[12:50] <CicadaWrk> [12:50] <ChoiBoy> u like soy sauce
[12:50] <CicadaWrk> [12:50] <ChoiBoy> i like hot sauce
[12:50] <CicadaWrk> GOLDEN
[12:51] <ChoiBoy> oh boy
[12:51] <CaliWork> we doomed
[12:51] <ChoiBoy> u know thats gonna end up on the paparazzi blog
[12:51] <CaliWork> cicada can post
[12:51] <CaliWork> on that blog too
[12:51] <CaliWork> huh
[12:51] <CicadaWrk> saving now…
[12:51] <CaliWork> shit
[12:51] <ChoiBoy> that foo takes logs of this shit <–edit: Of course I do. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Come on Lupe? Gonna hook a Korean brother in need of some humanitarian efforts up?  (She looks like she can suck the corn off of a corndog REAL fast.) Semi-NSFW picture of said humanitarian after the break.
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