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Google Image Search Is Funny

Today, in search of some relevant content for you guys to read, I decided to use our trusty friend Google Image Search to see what kind of crap turns up when the relatively generic term “John Choi” is used as the search query. (Safe Search is off, of course. That shit is for pansies.)

848,000 results! Let’s see…

Here’s John Choi playing against longtime rival and friend Ricky Ortiz. Standard procedure. (Ricky looks cute in baby blue. Yeah, I said it.)

Here’s a picture of John finally winning something at Evo. (Will it ever happen again?)

Okay, I have no idea how this image is related to “John Choi”, but I’m guessing the relation is that when hot girls show up next to John’s car, he leaves them outside while he drives up to SF to go to gay bars. I shit you not.

I don’t know wtf this phallic looking thing is about, but apparently there’s a famous “glassblower” named John Choi that can presumably blow your glass… The one I live with specializes more in “assblowing”, I think.
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