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John Loves Starcraft

Choi (4:07:42 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XduXCp91_IA&feature=player_embedded
Choi (4:07:43 PM): ahaha
Choi (4:07:44 PM): so good
Me (4:12:27 PM): nerd
Me (4:12:47 PM): hahaha
Me (4:12:50 PM): this is badass!
Choi (4:13:38 PM): so good
Choi (4:14:42 PM): dude
Choi (4:14:45 PM): the vid is hella good but
Choi (4:14:47 PM): he gets it wrong
Choi (4:14:53 PM): the goliaths shoot at a pylon and nexus
Choi (4:14:58 PM): with their anti air missiles
Choi (4:15:03 PM): should be the ground gattling gun
Choi (4:15:05 PM): i know, nerdy
Choi (4:15:07 PM): but still
Me (4:15:27 PM): omg…

EDIT: This was posted on John’s Facebook shortly after. Christian, whoever you are, this comment was LOLZ!