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Choi (10:31:51 AM): wow
Choi (10:31:52 AM): lolol
Choi (10:31:55 AM): this shit is so tight
Choi (10:32:08 AM): is that shit toxic
Me (10:39:22 AM): ahahahaahah

Thanks to Omar G. for sending this over.

John Choi + Sandstorm, A True Love Story

Now, I’m no acclaimed movie director, but I do find my first piece in my documentary series on John Choi a true hit. All jokes aside, this dude seriously loves Sandstorm (it’s his Evo entry music), women (as exhibited by his collection of durex extra sensitive condoms), and glowsticks. I fucking told you so!

And wait til you see his booze collection. That’s how he gets ’em.

P.S. – Work From Home days are the shit. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if John installs some locks on his doors tonight.

BONUS ROUND: John Choi + Sandstorm caught fooling around.