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How John Learned English

Today, I walked into John’s room while he was on the computer, and no, Sandstorm wasn’t blaring in the background (for once). In reality, he was just spending a little time brushing up his english. Trust me, all you fobby-fobs out there — this is the most useful video you’ll ever see on YouTube (besides this, of course.)

This Fob Is The Shit…

but John isn’t feelin’ her. What a hater! Can you say “Korea’s Next Top Timbaland?”

I don’t know what John’s deal is against Korean chicks, especially fobby ones. I mean, well, besides the fact that they can’t pronounce “F” and “Z” correctly, so I guess it might be a turn off for him to hear, “Puck me, John” 100x times. Whatever. That guy is a damn immigrant as well. I don’t get him sometimes.

Choi (1:01:15 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzh2UygPwDU
Choi (1:01:19 PM): she’s korean
Choi (1:01:24 PM): speaks korean, japanese, english
Choi (1:01:26 PM): hrm
Choi (1:01:31 PM): but she don’t speak messsssican
Choi (1:01:32 PM): she sux
me (1:01:57 PM): hahahahhahaahaaahahah racist
Choi (1:02:07 PM): chupa me