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Oh Shit, John Is Famous!!!

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I believed this was filmed last year at around this time surrounding France’s international CVS2 tournament called “Stunfest”. You can peep out his words in the trailer at 1:40.

Speaking of the interview, how come he’s ALWAYS talking about mindgames and psychology? Mindgames ALL day. Seriously, getting this guy to take out the trash is such a chore because he always has some bullshit jedi mind trick.

Me: “John, it’s your turn to take the trash out.”
John: “But, you want to take the trash out.”
Me: “No way. I’m not falling for this bullshit this time.”
John: “I actually want to take the trash out to get some time outside, but I’ll let you do it if you really want to.”
Me. “Fuck, I’ll just do it. I feel like getting some fresh air.”

5 minutes later…

Me: “WTFFFFFFF!!!!!”