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Reference Material: Alpha 3 vs Zero 3, CvS2

So, one of the arcade boards I managed to get my grubby hands on was Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japanese), thanks to my then-international connection Mike Jones. Unfortunately, the game somehow suicided itself despite having a changed battery, so I was off to reprogramming the chips and fixing the game. Thinking about it, I wondered which version of the game I should resurrect it to Alpha 3, or Zero 3.

Debating to myself, I figured I’d write the first five things that come to mind to help guide my decision.



Zero 3: uh… bukkake? Sushi is good. Anime is whatever. And who the fuck came up with Bukkake anyways? I wonder what happens when you Google “bukkake”. (WARNING: DO NOT GOOGLE BUKKAKE unless you want to see some AWESOME shit.) See, I even hyperlinked it for you. I’m fucking nice.

Needless to say, it was a waste of time to discuss with myself, so I consulted a so-called expert.

Roommate: yo
Roommate: for alpha 3/zero 3, what’s the preferred version? Aren’t they different
John Choi: doesn’t matter
John Choi: there is minor difference but nothing major
Roommate: what’s the difference
Roommate: i know alpha 2 and zero 2 are hella different (alpha 2 = zero 2 alpha)
John Choi: boxer’s alpha counter is better in alpha
John Choi: you can teleport through opponent easier on one side
Roommate: oh, i thought there was like an actual system difference
John Choi: Lism is slightly different
John Choi: no
John Choi: zero 2 and alpha 2 isn’t that different either in system
John Choi: alpha has e. ryu
John Choi: that is main thing
John Choi: like japan ST and US ST
John Choi: are slightly different
John Choi: but none of the versions were so different that players prefer one over another

Well, there you have it. I guess they’re not that different at all – just some minor differences. Why do I believe him? Well, with 90% of the shit he says, I typically don’t believe it, but according to Kurropi.com, placed top 5 in like over 10 tournaments, winning most of them. Cocky bastard.

BONUS ROUND: John also added some interesting information about CVS2 in our conversation.

John Choi: cvs2 also
John Choi: jpn cvs2 you can charge super meter after round ends
John Choi: US version you can’t
Roommate: oh wtf
Roommate: that’s crazy
John Choi: so after you ko a char
John Choi: you see peeps doing like low strong 3 times
John Choi: u can’t do special moves
Roommate: ohhh
John Choi: during ko sequence
John Choi: so u do like 3 low strongs
John Choi: best thing u can do
Roommate: hahahahahah
John Choi: and u get like
John Choi: a sliver of meter
Roommate: it helps
John Choi: if u watch evo dvds
John Choi: u see peeps do it all the time
John Choi: anywayz
John Choi: all the SFs
John Choi: very slight difference
John Choi: from jpn to US


Roommate: did you watch gravity [c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!!! that’s what you call a gdlk subject change]
John Choi: no

So there you have it. Not too much is different in each international version, or at least people didn’t give enough of a shit to care back then. Also if you punch the air randomly in the japanese version of cvs2 after a round is over, you can get a pube-hair’s worth of meter extra.

Video at the top: SFA3- (B5 DVD) Chikyuu (Sodom) vs John Choi (Sakura) – uploaded by TSDCS

Oh Shit, John Is Famous!!!

Uploaded by sushisdutoys. – Click for more console and PC gaming videos.

I believed this was filmed last year at around this time surrounding France’s international CVS2 tournament called “Stunfest”. You can peep out his words in the trailer at 1:40.

Speaking of the interview, how come he’s ALWAYS talking about mindgames and psychology? Mindgames ALL day. Seriously, getting this guy to take out the trash is such a chore because he always has some bullshit jedi mind trick.

Me: “John, it’s your turn to take the trash out.”
John: “But, you want to take the trash out.”
Me: “No way. I’m not falling for this bullshit this time.”
John: “I actually want to take the trash out to get some time outside, but I’ll let you do it if you really want to.”
Me. “Fuck, I’ll just do it. I feel like getting some fresh air.”

5 minutes later…

Me: “WTFFFFFFF!!!!!”