Living With John Choi: Champion Edition

champion edition

Hello readers! (All zero of you)

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to start posting to this atrocity of a blog again. Why now? Well, there are a couple of reasons, which I’ll list below.

1. While I no longer actually *live* with John Choi (I know, BOO EFFING HOO), I still hang out with him regularly. He’s even got a new lady friend and we sometimes go on double dates. How effing romantical. (Since she’s nice, I’ll leave her out of the LWJC blog… for now.) And realistically, I have some sadistic pleasure in writing/exposing him and his goofy-mega-fobby ways.

In reality though, we still hang out a lot and there’s always interesting stories to log… like the one time I had to borrow his car to drive to his place and drop a deuce since I was about to seriously shit my pants. It did not end well.

2. I want to start getting back in the habit of blogging (is that what people still call it these days?) more regularly. Keep my skills sharp, like… uh… a really sharp pair of scissors… or something. (See, I need the practice.) Yeah, it’s selfish, but eat me.

3. *NERD ALERT LEVEL 5* – I started getting into arcade collecting. Mostly Street Fighter-related stuff and its variants — not really into the Mappy Land/Pac Man type of stuff, although mad props to those that are collecting that stuff. I tinkered with a ton of bullshit and have learned a lot, and instead of starting yet ANOTHER blog, I figured I’d just put it all here since it’s all SORT of related.

So, there you have it. We’ll see how long this lasts. I’ll try my best (serious) to keep this thing consistent with fresh content to keep your interest piqued. Don’t care? Well, it will be a nice way for me to log my John-Choi-Street-Fighter-Arcade-related adventures going forward. Stay tuned for more!

P.S. – Future foreshadowing: I stumbled upon this box that I forced Mr. Choiboy to give to me when we were both last at his mom’s place. While many of you might not care, there’s a ton of gold (at least to me) in this box. Here’s a sneak preview that I uploaded – a CVS2 match between D44 BAS vs Nemo which I don’t think has ever been uploaded aka THIS SHIT AIN’T EVEN OUT YET. I’ll post more details and more later.

Stay tuned. And if any of you see John Choi, let him know that I’ll be over to fix his wi-fi card sometime this week.

Old shit old shit — from the archives

Tales from the crypt! This is back from April of 2010 — almost a year old. I think I have a few more vids archived somewhere… and I’ll post them to John’s dismay.

John’s thoughts on Marvel 3

(1:37:56 PM) choi: peepskeep asking me
(1:37:58 PM) choi: about mvc
(1:37:59 PM) choi: and i keep saing
(1:38:05 PM) choi: i’ll let you know what i think of the game in 1 year
(1:38:12 PM) me: lol
(1:38:15 PM) choi: mvc2
(1:38:18 PM) choi: remember that shit
(1:38:19 PM) choi: every other week
(1:38:27 PM) choi: someone crying out about some new strat
(1:38:34 PM) choi: strider/doom had complaints for like a year straight
(1:38:45 PM) choi: 10 years later, strider/doom no good
(1:38:54 PM) choi: mvc2 is the best game ever
(1:39:04 PM) choi: sf its easy to see tiers early
(1:39:07 PM) choi: not marvel
(1:39:08 PM) choi: MARVEL!
(1:39:10 PM) choi: LEVRAM!
(1:39:12 PM) choi: FOR LIFE!

Weird stuff happens to Buktooth, part 1

This story is an unmodified log between two top players, Campbell “Buktooth” Tran and John “Korean Inferno” Choi. And it’s fucking tranny-TASTIC!

[16:15] buktooth88: ah
[16:15] buktooth88: ok so
[16:16] buktooth88: knock on the door
[16:16] buktooth88: i go downstairs, look through the peep hole
[16:16] buktooth88: youngish black chick, probably late 20s
[16:16] buktooth88: im like ok thats for adrian (roommate)
[16:16] buktooth88: i open the door and she just stands there
[16:16] buktooth88: …hello?
[16:16] buktooth88: …hello
[16:16] buktooth88: so im like whatever, step aside and let her in
[16:17] buktooth88: im about to say ‘adrians room is upstairs’
[16:17] buktooth88: but she just goes and sits on the couch
[16:17] buktooth88: im like uhh
[16:17] buktooth88: she thanks me for letting her in, her feet hurt etc
[16:17] buktooth88: and im like crap its a sales person
[16:17] buktooth88: sure enough, she goes into a short thing trying to sell magazines to me
[16:17] buktooth88: i cut her off
[16:18] buktooth88: sorry, our lease is just about up, we’re gonna move
[16:18] buktooth88: shes like oh ok
[16:18] ChoiBoy: was she hot
[16:18] buktooth88: averagy
[16:18] buktooth88: black guys would probably holla
[16:18] buktooth88: anyway
[16:18] buktooth88: she asks if she can use the bathroom, fix up her hair and stuff
[16:18] buktooth88: im like ok its right there
[16:19] buktooth88: i open the front door to have a smoke, watching the bathroom door
[16:19] buktooth88: she comes out, goes back to the couch where her purse is and stuff
[16:19] buktooth88: she sits down gathering her stuff
[16:19] buktooth88: she says
[16:19] buktooth88: can i have a word with you
[16:19] buktooth88: im like sure
[16:19] buktooth88: her: after youre done smoking
[16:19] buktooth88: me: …ok?
[16:19] buktooth88: 20 seconds later
[16:20] buktooth88: her: are you done smoking yet?
[16:20] buktooth88: me: no, but you can just ask me right here
[16:20] buktooth88: her: no, i’ll just wait till youre done smoking
[16:20] buktooth88: me: uhh… ok?
[16:20] buktooth88: 20 seconds later:
[16:20] ChoiBoy: smoking bad for u
[16:20] ChoiBoy: u should quit
[16:20] buktooth88: her: can you just put the cigarette down for a second?
[16:20] buktooth88: me: uhh.. ok?
[16:20] ChoiBoy: ahaha
[16:21] buktooth88: so i put it down, go back inside
[16:21] buktooth88: her: so um
[16:21] buktooth88: her: can i get at that?
[16:21] buktooth88: me: …?!
[16:21] buktooth88: her: i need it real bad right now
[16:21] buktooth88: me: uhh, sorry
[16:22] buktooth88: her: i’ll give you the best blowjob for 10 bucks
[16:22] buktooth88: me: now its for money?!
[16:22] buktooth88: her: …
[16:22] buktooth88: her: … do you know what a hermaphrodite is
[16:23] buktooth88: me: ?!?!
[16:23] buktooth88: her: i just got surgery recently
[16:23] buktooth88: her: and my hormones are going crazy
[16:23] buktooth88: me: umm… try next door?
[16:23] buktooth88: her: cmon man, i’ll do it for free
[16:23] buktooth88: her: i see you poking out through your warmup pants
[16:24] buktooth88: me: i assure you, i do not have a boner right now
[16:24] buktooth88: her: but you will
[16:24] buktooth88: me: seriously, i’m good on the blowjob
[16:24] ChoiBoy: ….
[16:24] ChoiBoy: what do they have in the water in texas
[16:24] buktooth88: me: im gonna finish this cigarette
[16:24] buktooth88: so i open the door, keep it open
[16:24] buktooth88: while i smoke
[16:24] ChoiBoy: loooool
[16:24] buktooth88: she gets her stuff
[16:25] buktooth88: moves reallllllly slowly out the door
[16:25] buktooth88: then just stands next to me
[16:25] ChoiBoy: ahahaha
[16:25] buktooth88: her: cmon, i just need to play with myself while i suck you off
[16:25] ChoiBoy: how come nobody offers me blowjobs
[16:25] ChoiBoy: 10 bux! what a deal
[16:25] ChoiBoy: ahahaha
[16:25] ChoiBoy: going once, going twice
[16:25] buktooth88: her: i usually come in less than a couple minutes
[16:25] buktooth88: her: i need you to talk dirty to me though
[16:26] buktooth88: me: so now there’s conditions?!
[16:26] buktooth88: then she likes rubbing herself in front of me
[16:26] ChoiBoy: dude
[16:26] buktooth88: im like cmon, youre in broad daylight
[16:26] ChoiBoy: then the
[16:26] ChoiBoy: how to catch a predator team comes out
[16:26] ChoiBoy: and busts u
[16:26] buktooth88: haha
[16:26] buktooth88: so i eventually shoo her off
[16:26] buktooth88: thing is
[16:27] buktooth88: she doesnt even go next door
[16:27] buktooth88: she just walks down the street and around the corner
[16:27] buktooth88: and with that
[16:27] buktooth88: i win the award
[16:27] buktooth88: for most bizarre story of 2010
[16:28] ChoiBoy: hrm
[16:28] ChoiBoy: maybe
[16:28] ChoiBoy: year isn’t out yet
[16:28] ChoiBoy: just wait cause
[16:28] ChoiBoy: you me hsien at ncr team
[16:28] buktooth88: haha
[16:28] ChoiBoy: i’m sure there will be a story there
[16:28] ChoiBoy: eheh
[16:28] ChoiBoy: hsien by himself
[16:28] buktooth88: hsiens gonna transform into a car
[16:28] ChoiBoy: is a story
[16:28] ChoiBoy: yah he will
[16:28] ChoiBoy: but he will turn into a taiwanese car
[16:28] ChoiBoy: cause cars are better in taiwan
[16:29] buktooth88: then hes just gonna like
[16:29] buktooth88: pull a stick out of his own glove compartment
[16:29] buktooth88: transform back
[16:29] buktooth88: and be like
[16:29] buktooth88: …button check?
[16:29] ChoiBoy: lolol
[16:31] buktooth88: anyway yeah i got solicited by a horny hermaphrodite hooker in my own house
[16:31] ChoiBoy: thats pretty tight
[16:31] ChoiBoy: triple H
[16:31] ChoiBoy: fugged u up
[16:31] buktooth88: haha

It’s been a long time… I shouldn’t have left you…

But I fucking did…. To create this! It’s a live 24/7 stream for SRK featuring Street Fighter IV and other badass bideo games. And it actually resides where JOHN CHOI ONCE LIVED! !!!BONUS POINTS!!!!

(For those of you that don’t know, yes he’s moved out… I missed the sounds of fireballs and ultra startup animations so god damn much that I created this stream.)

Now don’t get too excited and bust that nut just yet. We’ve got tons of surprises for you on the stream, including giveaways, special events, and Q/A sessions. Be sure to follow, and let us know what you think!

And by the way, I still visit John all the time (I actually went over to fix his computer yesterday.) So don’t worry, although I won’t be updating as much, I’ll still pop in every once in a while with a great story.

Watch live video from Shoryuken Live on XBL on

Buktooth and John Choi Make Love

Buktooth the nomad was in town this past weekend to visit family and play some bideo games with John. Immediately after, they made sweet sweet with each other, but unfortunately I ran out of tape and figured you guys would rather watch this.

There’s quite a few videos that I’m updating right now, so keep your eyes posted on this page as I’ll be uploading more videos as the day goes on.

EDIT: Hahaha, I just noticed that the still image for this first video is someone getting blasted with an ultra fireball. LOLZ

I seriously have these conversations with John

Choi (1:50:29 PM):
roommate (1:51:02 PM): god you NERD
roommate (1:51:04 PM): hahahahhahahaha
Choi (1:52:47 PM): rob sent that to me
roommate (1:52:58 PM): don’t try to defend your inner sc nerdiness
Choi (1:54:17 PM): PYLONS!

5 minutes later:

roommate (1:57:05 PM): hey
roommate (1:57:10 PM): what are you doing after work?
Choi (1:57:12 PM): PYLONS!
roommate (1:57:20 PM): sigh…

John Has Weird Taste

Choi (11:27:41 AM):
Choi (11:28:55 AM): amazing
roommate (11:29:13 AM): i don’t know if that’s amazing but okay
roommate (11:29:14 AM): hahaha

John Plays Street Fighter?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that’s what this site was about.

Anyway, Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez and Kineda came over for some gh3ymz and some bullshitting. Here’s a couple of their matches against John’s Sagat.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

I’m speechless… All I can say is, “da da da da daaaaaaa….. DA, da da da da da……”

Da Rude @ Ruby Skye August 27 in San Francisco!

Thanks to John Le for the heads up!

roommate (3:07:08 PM): we gettin tix?
Choi (3:07:51 PM): lol
Choi (3:08:10 PM): dude
Choi (3:08:13 PM): lets go
Choi (3:08:15 PM): we
Choi (3:08:18 PM): HAVE to go