You Dirty Bastards

An email John got earlier today:

Hello John,

I need to inform you the following events that took place on Sunday:
1. Hotel guests were complaining regarding excessive noise levels early Sunday morning until 3AM.
2. Some of your guests needed to be escorted out of rooms due to noise and too many people in a room.
3. Some of your guests were drinking, playing games and making noise in our garage late Sunday night or early morning.
4. There are also excessive spills and gum on the carpets in Peak (the room you had finals in.)

We are discussing the total damages are and will be letting you tomorrow Wednesday regarding what your additional costs will be.

Thank you,

Guess we’re getting a new venue! Way to go you loud, dirty bums (all of you clean, quiet, and orderly people are coo, though.)

Free Money for Glowstixx and Condoms = Best Game Ever.

Shoutouts to IPlayWinner for holding down the greatest stream coverage, NCR staff for putting a great event together, and John Choi for providing unlimited sandstorm and glowstixx for all.

Speaking of sandstorm and glowstixx, be sure to check out all of the game intro videos that Mr Jared of IPlayWinner created — my favorite of course being the HDRemix intro. He got this spot on!

From IPlayWinner:

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Or as someone else called it, “Hella Fools on Blast: The Movie.” What I wanted to do was to tap into the general feeling of apathy felt towards HDR by the community at large. That’s another subject entirely, really, but it was a good excuse to do a bunch of VO with a cotton ball in my mouth. If you’ve never seen RedLetterMedia’s Star Wars reviews, do so immediately.

Damn straight, John specifically told me before announcing S.NCR that his only intention of including HDRemix was so that he could get some money to replenish is stash of ultra-brite blue and white glowstixxx, his lamb-skin penis condoms, and sandstorm mixtapes. Mission accomplished. Can you say “Eye of the Sandstorm party at John Choi’s apartment” going down tonight?

Yes, you can.

Be sure to head on over to to see the rest of the videos.

Super Nor Cal Regionals Registration Is Live!!!

You heard it here… umm… second! The Super Nor Cal Regionals website is live complete with registration info, schedule, and a bunch of pictures of people in a “Nor Cal Regional Celebrities” that don’t live in Nor Cal. There’s going to be prizes tons of prizes, including cold hard cash — accepted at all major whorehouses, Kineda world warrior t-shirts (awesome), and Tournament Edition Fight Sticks courtesy of MarkMan and Mad Catz. Also, expect to see many of the United States’ best Street Fighters duke it out in what will be the biggest Super Street Fighter Tournament ever (until Evo happens.)

AND! The HELLAMINDGAMES Inc. team will be representing in full force — It’s going to be bananas.

Shoutouts to Mad Catz for the stixxx, Kineda for the web design and shirts, iPlayWinner for streaming, Namco for Tekken and Ms. Motherfucking Pac Man, Capcom for badass games, Shoryuken for, uh, Mr. Wizard, KS2 Productions for all the hardware and logistical support, and of course, John “Sandstorm” Choi, for all the motherfucking Sandstorm you can handle. I’m going to follow that fool around with Glowstixxx the entire tournament. (And my video cam, of course.)

So what are you waiting for? Get your Super Nor Cal Regionals on NOW!

Super Nor Cal Regionals Homepage
Super Nor Cal Regionals Schedule

Give baby Sagat your money.


SBO SCOOP! And Third Strike Goes To…

Okay, I did a little bit of searching through John’s computer while he was out today (read: sift through a lot of pr0n), and I found a little nugget of information that’s just been confirmed. The 2010 Super Battle Opera qualifier location for Third Strike goes to Denjin Arcade in southern California.

Yes, people do play this game, especially in the revered community that is known to the rest of the United States as the Third Strike mecca. With Justin Wong now kicking it in socal, expect the finest talent that the U.S. has to offer to meet in this qualifier to once again represent America in one of the toughest international competitions known to mankind. (You read that right, fuck the olympics.)

Expect the official announcement from John tomorrow… and he’s probably going to be pissed at me because of this, but whatever. He always leaves the toilet seat up.

As for T6 and SF4, that’s still up in the air, but I’ll let you guys know as soon as I hear anything.