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Reference Material: Alpha 3 vs Zero 3, CvS2

So, one of the arcade boards I managed to get my grubby hands on was Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japanese), thanks to my then-international connection Mike Jones. Unfortunately, the game somehow suicided itself despite having a changed battery, so I was off to reprogramming the chips and fixing the game. Thinking about it, I wondered which version of the game I should resurrect it to Alpha 3, or Zero 3.

Debating to myself, I figured I’d write the first five things that come to mind to help guide my decision.



Zero 3: uh… bukkake? Sushi is good. Anime is whatever. And who the fuck came up with Bukkake anyways? I wonder what happens when you Google “bukkake”. (WARNING: DO NOT GOOGLE BUKKAKE unless you want to see some AWESOME shit.) See, I even hyperlinked it for you. I’m fucking nice.

Needless to say, it was a waste of time to discuss with myself, so I consulted a so-called expert.

Roommate: yo
Roommate: for alpha 3/zero 3, what’s the preferred version? Aren’t they different
John Choi: doesn’t matter
John Choi: there is minor difference but nothing major
Roommate: what’s the difference
Roommate: i know alpha 2 and zero 2 are hella different (alpha 2 = zero 2 alpha)
John Choi: boxer’s alpha counter is better in alpha
John Choi: you can teleport through opponent easier on one side
Roommate: oh, i thought there was like an actual system difference
John Choi: Lism is slightly different
John Choi: no
John Choi: zero 2 and alpha 2 isn’t that different either in system
John Choi: alpha has e. ryu
John Choi: that is main thing
John Choi: like japan ST and US ST
John Choi: are slightly different
John Choi: but none of the versions were so different that players prefer one over another

Well, there you have it. I guess they’re not that different at all – just some minor differences. Why do I believe him? Well, with 90% of the shit he says, I typically don’t believe it, but according to, placed top 5 in like over 10 tournaments, winning most of them. Cocky bastard.

BONUS ROUND: John also added some interesting information about CVS2 in our conversation.

John Choi: cvs2 also
John Choi: jpn cvs2 you can charge super meter after round ends
John Choi: US version you can’t
Roommate: oh wtf
Roommate: that’s crazy
John Choi: so after you ko a char
John Choi: you see peeps doing like low strong 3 times
John Choi: u can’t do special moves
Roommate: ohhh
John Choi: during ko sequence
John Choi: so u do like 3 low strongs
John Choi: best thing u can do
Roommate: hahahahahah
John Choi: and u get like
John Choi: a sliver of meter
Roommate: it helps
John Choi: if u watch evo dvds
John Choi: u see peeps do it all the time
John Choi: anywayz
John Choi: all the SFs
John Choi: very slight difference
John Choi: from jpn to US


Roommate: did you watch gravity [c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!!! that’s what you call a gdlk subject change]
John Choi: no

So there you have it. Not too much is different in each international version, or at least people didn’t give enough of a shit to care back then. Also if you punch the air randomly in the japanese version of cvs2 after a round is over, you can get a pube-hair’s worth of meter extra.

Video at the top: SFA3- (B5 DVD) Chikyuu (Sodom) vs John Choi (Sakura) – uploaded by TSDCS

Paging Dr. Choi

John always has great suggestions. ALWAYS.

[09:28] <@ChoiBoy> sick Roommate
[09:28] <@ChoiBoy> how u feeling
[09:28] shitty
[09:28] still
[09:28] <@ChoiBoy> u in office?
[09:28] up all night coughing like a little bitch
[09:28] <@ChoiBoy> im still at home
[09:28] yeah of course
[09:28] <@ChoiBoy> take delsium
[09:28] whenever you tell me that, i feel like you’re telling me to go to a club
[09:29] DELSIUM
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> best cough medicine
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> and
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> it makes u feel really high
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> the main ingredient in there is
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> DMT
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> that dream drug shit
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> i read online that nigs OD on delsium
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> by drinking whole bottle
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> then throwing up
[09:29] <@ChoiBoy> then get super high
[09:33] <@ChoiBoy>
[09:34] <@ChoiBoy> some potent ass shit
[09:34] … thank you for the protip.

a few minutes later…

[09:37] <@ChoiBoy> lets pop some bottles this weekend
[09:37] <@ChoiBoy> dxm lets go
it’s spelled delsym
[09:46] <@ChoiBoy> whatever
[09:46] <@ChoiBoy> lets make love up in the delsym

First of all, after doing some in-depth research (30 seconds of Google), I found out it’s actually called “Delsym” and not “Delsium”. Google 1, Choi 0.

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Choiboy: The Interview

Yesterday, some dude from did an online interview with John to see what he does to prepare for tournaments.

Yes, some knowledge was dropped.

Feel free to read the entire, unadulterated interview below. If you’re thinking, “tl;dr”, basically, it boils down to having a gameplan, knowing your opponent, and not mashing shit out when you’re about to die — things that I am guilty as fuck for. Anyway, here’s a small nugget of knowledge that can apply to novice and veteran players alike. Enjoy.

Also, catch the full Wake Up Shoryuken radio show on SRK — Kim “Kim1234” Ohayo is featured on the show. It’s worth a listen!

[13:57] hey, i think our topic for tomorrow on wakeup shoryuken is going to be preparing for / playing in tournaments[13:57]
im collecting thoughts of players to present when i do that
do you think you might have anything to add?
like what do do you do before a tourney to get into shape, weeks, days ,hours before? state of mind during a match, going into a match, vs a strong opponent?
[13:58] hi
hrm i don’t have anything special other than just practice
but hold a sec
so i don’t do anything other than just practice weeks before
try to think about problem players that may be at the tourney

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John Choi Likes To Fake It

John Choi is a master of mind games. Whether it’s him getting in your head at a high-level game of Champion Edition footsies or him somehow convincing you that you desperately need a vasectomy while he tags your girlfriend in the bathroom of TGI Sushi, there’s no doubt that he has some sort of powerful jedi mind tricks up his sleeve.

Except for when it comes to drinking.

Koreans are known to hold their liquor, but even for some of the stronger drinkers like myself, we gotta throw in the towel when we’ve gone past our limit. However, if you’ve ever had drinks with John, you’ll realize that he HAS no limit.


I shit you not (and I have multiple reliable sources on this story), John will have a few drinks with you, but if he doesn’t feel like drinking a shot, he won’t give it back — he”ll  actually dump it on the cold hard concrete while you’re not looking. Sneaky bastard.

You see, there have been multiple confirmed reports that John Choi likes to dupe people into believing that he’s drinking as much as they are. Unfortunately, no one remembers shit because they’re wasted as fuck and John manages to scamper off with his liver in tact. But one fateful day at Keystone II aka Albert’s Arcade, he got busted.

In the past, this specific type mind game tactic has worked particularly well for John, especially for girls. I’ve seen him order 2 shots of Patron and 2 shots of water for a party of 4. Guess who got the water. And guess who wakes up naked with their panties off in John’s bed. (Hint: It’s not me. Okay sometimes it is… but not always.)

Lesson of the day: If you buy John a shot, confirm that it’s alcohol, make sure to watch him down it, or else expect to be hoodwinked.

EDIT: Testimonies

@MrWizard too bad its true!

@sosage I always wondered how shots seemed to dissappear from John’s hand quicker than everyone else’s
@sosage I thought he was just a quick drinker

[15:24] Mike: lol
[15:24] Mike: the old water shot trick
[15:24] Mike: saved my ass many times