Where the hell did this come from?

Doing some major cleaning during the holiday break, and I stumbled upon a dvd from an older pc that I previously owned – a pc probably ravaged by thousands, and thousands of mpeg-1 videos of pixelated pr0n.

The video, dated February 11, 2006 in the file information, is a Japanese special that covers a BLIND – yes – BLIND Mortal Kombat tournament player that apparently doesn’t need 20/10000000 vision to whip that ass. Those of you in the MK competitive scene probably have heard of him in recent years at EVO (unless there’s two blind MK players…) and I think he goes by the name of Rattlehead or something.

Anyway, check out this video where they fly this young fella out to play in Japan against “top Mortal Kombat Japanese players”. Keep in mind, this was 2006 and I don’t think Japanese people even know that “Americanu Pie-su of shi-tu Mortal Kombat” still existed.

Check it out – some highlights include who I think is Tokido as well as a CGI mammoth at the beginning representing Nebraska. Go fighting MAMMOTHS!


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