News Flash: Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Has 3 Revisions

Non-dumped 3rd Strike ISO 990419

Warning: Semi-serious post ahead.

Did you know that there are actually THREE revisions of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike? I’m talking about the arcade version, not any of that other nonsense.

Most people believe that there is an “A” version and a “B” version, with A being the standard and B being the red-headed, piece of shit stepchild that it is. The biggest difference that I know are:
1. “A” version has unblockables. This is particularly important with Urien as it’s huge in his Aegis Reflector game plan. “B” version has unblockables “fixed”. A is preferred since it is deemed more balanced with Urien’s unblockable tools.
2. “A” version also has more glitches than “B”. In particular, weird things will happen (like the game exploding) when Ken neutral throws Makoto to end a match, among other things. I don’t know all of the glitches, but I believe more glitches exist in “A” than “B”.

Those are the main differences that I know of.

Capcom usually IDs their game revisions with a date stamp in the form of a six-digit number, usually shown on bootup of the game. The two dumped revisions that are known and published in the MAME library are 990512 (what is known as “A”) and 990608 (what is known as “B”). However, my 3rd Strike kit that I bought while in Japan last year booted up with…

You guessed it, 990419. My guess is that 990419 and 990512 are similar with Urien unblockables, but there are a few bug fixes in the revision. Both of these I’m thinking qualify as “A” revisions in this case. However the second I did neutral grab to kill Makoto with Ken, the game crashed – something I speculate that is fixed in the later “A” 990512. I’ll test it when I write the other version.

Enough nerding out for the day. Here’s a VERY old 3rd Strike matchup between America’s perennial Ryu players – Alex Valle and John Choi. From B4. From the year 2000. A long time ago.

Shoutouts to Psychorarity for the upload!

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