Introducing… THE BOX

There was a problem.

The Choi Family house had a big problem. You see, John’s mom needed someone to move their old bootleg ass 42″ plasma tv (funny note… it was the TV I sold him) out of the house so we could install their newly upgraded SAMSUNG (of course – Korea FIGHTING!) LCD.

John calls me up, we hop in the “Prudence” the Prius (another story for another time) and head to south San Jose to handle biz.

Moving the TV goes without a hitch, except for the usual yelling that John and I do at each other. But once we were leaving the house through the garage, I asked him about this box of old VHS tapes he had lying around.


“Oh, it’s just a bunch of old SF tapes and stuff. I don’t think anyone gives a shit about that stuff anymore,” said the Korean Inferno.

“What?!?!? Are you kidding me? This stuff is gold? Can I take it with me to archive? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT!” I said.

And without his permission, I just stole the box. Granted, I probably hyped it up a bit, but there’s a lot of cool stuff that I don’t think has hit the web yet, and I figured I could make a small project out of it and share it with all you guys. Sound boring? Well, go fuck yourself.

Looking in the contents of the box, there’s a lot of goodies – like player cards from Texas Showdown 5 (I was there!), some old GamePro magazines, lots of old school Street Fighter match videos – Japanese and American alike, and I think a couple of softcore Korean pr0ns. You KNOW I will be viewing those.

To kick things off, I’ve uploaded a few matches from this japanese CD-R Disc that contains a shit ton of Japanese arcade CVS2 matches from 2005. It’s awesome to see high level Street Fighter players get their hands on a game that hasn’t fully developed at the time. Case in point – some motherfucker was ACTUALLY using P-groove. (If you don’t play CVS2, here’s a protip: NOBODY uses fucking P-groove, except for that dude Steve H or whatever his name was…)


On to the matches:

Notice something? Yeah, there’s a special video in the middle – just seeing if you guys are paying attention. I looked up “CVS2” in Pornhub and that was the first video that came up. Apparently Latina chix love that A-groove hurr hurr hurrrr. BTW, there’s more where that came from. (EDIT: I took it out because 1. I’m a pussy, and 2. I was dumb enough to load the page while at work, and now my IT administrator knows I watch porn at work. 🙁 )

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