What Elite Top Players Secretly Talk About

This is a real conversation between two of the most elite Street Fighter players out of America — John Choi and Ricky Ortiz.

[11:11] Choi: when u gonna get a license foo
[11:11] Choi: do u wanna buy my old camry
[11:11] Choi: i’ll sell to u for cheap
[11:11] Choi: bluebook is like 2500
[11:11] Choi: if u buy i give for 1500
[11:11] Choi: u can finally drive!
[11:12] Choi: car is old but maybe perfect for u
[11:13] Ricky: Excuse me… 1500 is like a nice leather jacket
[11:13] Ricky: Haha
[11:14] Ricky: I could prolly already afford a car I just gotta get my license
[11:14] Choi: go get that shit!
[11:14] Choi: lol leather jacket
[11:15] Ricky: What would be a Ricky car? And don’t say a bug! Then shits are ugly.
[11:15] Choi: well
[11:15] Ricky: People always say mini Cooper
[11:15] Choi: u need a bitch car
[11:15] Choi: like
[11:15] Choi: a del sol
[11:15] Choi: bug
[11:15] Choi: a mini is nice too
[11:15] Choi: um
[11:15] Choi: jetta
[11:15] Choi: those are all nice girl cars
[11:16] Ricky: I really wanted a sti
[11:16] Ricky: Those are sick
[11:17] Choi: wtf
[11:17] Choi: ok speed racer
[11:17] Choi: ahaha
[11:17] Choi: dude
[11:17] Choi: ur first car
[11:17] Choi: gotta be a piece of shit
[11:17] Choi: then u upgrade later
[11:20] Ricky: You know how I do!
[11:20] Ricky: I can’t have a beater at first
[11:20] RickyH: Ima feel so ghetto
[11:20] Ricky: Haha
[11:26] Choi: princess ricky

I know what Ricky should do. He should buy a car… so he can drive to buy EVEN MOAR leather jackets. Fucking ELITE strats right there.

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  1. El Presidente says:

    I wouldn’t get Choi’s car. Why? Black light his backseat and you’ll find your answer. :X Sandstorm all up in the backseat.

  2. El Presidente says:

    2010 Lexus LFA

  3. Smartcookiex says:

    I’d get John Choi car just so that when I pull up to the gay bar everyone thinks I’m John choi and hop in ROFL!!!!

  4. flight240 says:

    Ricky’s interested in an STi?!
    Psshhh, that dude needs a Lancer Evolution instead. x]

  5. shichi says:

    How come Ricky doesn’t have a license yet?

  6. vusalterego says:

    as an STi owner and long-time subaru enthusiast, I hope Ricky doesn’t get one out of fear of what it will turn into.

    but I can see why he’d want one though.. the STi logo has been pink all the way up to 2008. So the STi’s before 2008 all have pink accents and pink performance upgrade parts from the factory.

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