Random Old Pic Of The Day

Alright, this may not seem like much of a picture (except it has JOHN FUCKING CHOI IN IT!!!! jk I don’t give two shits), but he told me a few tidbits of trivia over super nachos and pacificos last night that I thought I would share.

1. This Hyper Fighting cabinet came from a pretty big Southern Hills Golfland Alpha 2 tournament. The winner of the tournament was to have his choice of an ORIGINAL Sony Playstation 1 OR a Hyper Fighting cabinet. It turns out that John Choi didn’t even win the tournament (blasphemy!)

His rival, Alex Valle — not “CaliPower” at the time, will get into that later — ended up winning the Alpha 2 tournament. Valle, going against the advice given to him by his peers, opted to go with the PS1. That left runner-up John Choi with a Hyper Fighting cabinet.

2. Soon after, John traveled back up to Sunnyvale — and fortunately enough for him, the owner of Golfland shipped the cabinet up to the bay area for him for $60 bucks. THEN he borrowed a truck to bring it with him to UC Davis, and on the way, got a speeding ticket.

3. Once he finally got the damn cabinet into his apartment, after it ripped up his floor of course, he played it for ONE HOUR and fucking put it in the closet. And since he was living with his girlfriend at the time, she wanted the closet space to hang shit up, so they put it on its side. In the middle of the closet. To take a nap. For a FULL YEAR.

3. After he got bonerz for the Alpha series, he decided to pawn off the Hyper Fighting cabinet to a man that called himself “Spider Dan”. You might recognize “Spider Dan” from such feature documentary films like, “Bang The Machine”, and uhh… nothing else. And guess what? They’re playing on that SAME GOD DAMN CABINET in the movie.

So there’s your random Choi tidbit of trivia for the day.

What did we learn? While arcade cabinets are badass, they’re a fucking liability. John ended up spending more on transporting the damn thing than the cabinet actually cost.

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