GG, Brad.

StarCraft 2 Beta Breakup – Watch more Game Trailers

Color commentary from Choiboy:

Choi (4:15:55 PM): it brings a tear to my eye
Choi (4:16:01 PM): tears me apart at the soul
Choi (4:16:11 PM): if that shit happened to me
Choi (4:16:13 PM): that bitch is gg
Choi (4:16:19 PM): she wouldn’t be living for very long

Brad, I know you’ve seen one of the Saw movies. There’s fucking 6 of them.

You know what to do.


  1. RayPaoloC says:

    I will Sawada this bitch.

  2. Justin Gilliland says:

    uncalled for. but she’s a babe, why would anyone ever break up with her?

  3. Roommate says:

    this is true, justin g, but I think her babe-factor is offset by the levels of “batshit crazy” in her blood.

  4. wrrza says:

    mouth abuse. submissive. I CALLED IT

  5. nothingxs says:

    Oh daaaaaaaaamn. Bitch is crazy.

  6. tobes says:

    she’s a babe but on the Hot-Crazy scale, she’s a little too crazy

  7. sosage says:

    White girls yo. I’m just sayin’…

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