How John Handles Women

Last night, John Choi was sighted getting his first look at the final build of the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4 at Capcom’s Fight Club taking place at Slide in San Francisco (whew).

Eight beautiful setups featuring Mad Catz Tournament Edition joysticks were on site, as well as SRK royalty Tom and Tony Cannon, Mr. Wizard, Campbell Tran, Ricky Ortiz, Seth Killian, and Kineda. (And some ghetto white dude named Rob. I swear that guy has a GPS map of strip clubs within a 50-mile radius on him at all times.)

Funny but true story: According to early reports, these girls rolled up at the same machine John was whooping ass on. The girl on the right asked to play and got dat phat ass in line. While waiting, she ended up talking about how she used to LOVE Street Fighter “so, so much” and was excited to play Super Street Fighter 4 to check out all the girl fighters.

John, always intrigued by women (and even more so by women that can handle stix), was going to see if this girl could hang.

John beat that ass. Hard.

Unfortunately for John and herself, she ended up being one of those girls that gets mash happy on the joystick like a bad ex-girlfriend mashing on the keypad of her cell phone to drunk dial your ass.

After he won, she left the machine and left with her crew to go elsewhere. Immediately after, John straight up clowned her stick handling skills and reportedly said, “a girl with one eye and no hands could play better.”

Lesson of the day: John’s got skills with the ladyzzz.

John (12:57:01 PM): i was disappointed
John (12:57:09 PM): =(

Shoutouts to Kineda for the awesome pictures.


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