Leave Us Alone!!!!

If you haven’t seen or heard from John in a while, it’s because he’s busy. Unfortunately, it’s not with women.

You see, he and I are in the Starcraft II beta, and basically we’re giving everyone else outside of Battle.net the finger until the beta is over, our internet connection shits itself, or if one of us dies.

Mass Marines + Marauders + Medivacs > Chix.

Bonus Edit: Here’s a video John recommended to me.

Watch live streaming video from striderdoom at livestream.com

John (11:39:19 AM): replays
John (11:39:22 AM): and breakdowns of strats
John (11:39:24 AM): hes a good speaker


  1. Maj says:

    Why did i just watch 10 minutes of some white dude babbling into a camera about Starcraft Two?

    Fuckin’ John Choi.

    – Maj

  2. Seth G says:

    Yeah man of course that guy’s a good speaker. He’s Sean Plott, brother of Nick “Tasteless” Plott. When I was into SC, Tasteless was in S.Korea doing professional SC commentary for the English speaking/listening audience.

    PS: Fuck you and your beta keys AKA So Jealous.

  3. thisbjon says:

    its freakin day[9]

  4. What is his and your beta name + IDs? I wouldn’t mind getting some games in with the Korean Inferno.

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