John Choi + Sandstorm, A True Love Story

Now, I’m no acclaimed movie director, but I do find my first piece in my documentary series on John Choi a true hit. All jokes aside, this dude seriously loves Sandstorm (it’s his Evo entry music), women (as exhibited by his collection of durex extra sensitive condoms), and glowsticks. I fucking told you so!

And wait til you see his booze collection. That’s how he gets ’em.

P.S. – Work From Home days are the shit. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if John installs some locks on his doors tonight.

BONUS ROUND: John Choi + Sandstorm caught fooling around.


  1. The Wiz says:

    That’s was hilarious

  2. JuniormInts says:



    this stuff is magical

  3. PotatoHead says:

    This is the most amazing blog I have ever read.

    One day I wanna be like John Choi

  4. Anonymous says:

    Loooooool! This is the greatest shit ever.

  5. kingkau says:

    this is the best blog ever.

  6. Chronic says:

    best shit I’ve ever spent my time doing…

  7. tobes says:

    Bonus Round video is classic! Turns around not thinking, then oh shit turn that camera off before everyone knows I love sandstorm

  8. WG says:

    This is the best blog ever. Btw, that’s a Diesel watch box on top of the dresser. (the white one) I wonder if he got it because the Diesel logo looks like Guile..

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